Methods Used by Physiotherapist.

Physical therapy helps children with the physical effect that has prolonged for a long time as a result of cancer treatment. This effect requires a professional health care that aims to restore and optimize the function, mobility and quality life of all individuals regardless of age. During oncology rehabilitation, a physical therapist is needed to work with a client in order to manage musculoskeletal and neuromuscular impairment. The physical therapist will perform the work of assessment in order to determine the joint mobility, muscle strength, flexibility and physical function.

Attribute requirement of a physiotherapist.

The first thing that the physiotherapists require in their occupational work is to have knowledge and skills that will help them to establish their roles as they practice. Also being a profession is another thing that they do require in order to be competent while practicing in the field. However, knowledge, skills and professional behaviors are the background attribute requirements that all physiotherapist should have thought there is limited information about them.

Methods used by physiotherapist.

Standard database.

According to the systematic research, all types of studies and reports that were conducted by the standard database using phrases were included from empirical research to descriptive research. This allows comparing the effects of physical therapy interventions for both children and adolescents who are between the age of 0 to 19 years.

Standard critical tool.

While conducting work related to field practice the literature was appraised using the standard critical tool by two reviewers using phrases and theme. This appraisal was related to the attribute required by physiotherapists for work practice and it is manually extracted and later conduct a meta-synthesis.

Other methods include;

While considering the occupational work of physiotherapist and also including the physio Birmingham there are other methods that are used in order to evaluate the motion and strength of a specific impaired body region.

These methods considered the type of primary outcomes which review the quality of life and adverse the events.

Scales such as Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory and physio Birmingham are tools that are used as methods in order to measure and determine the quality of life and produce valid questionnaires.

A hand-held dynamometer is used to strengthen assessment while goniometry is used to measure the range of motion.

The visual analog scale is an instrument that is used by a physiotherapist as a method to measure the pain or one can use any other valid instrument.